Red Mosque


This modest mosque, dating from 1904, was used as a vodka factory by the atheist Soviets, but was reopened to worshippers in 1997.

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Nearby Tomsk attractions

1. Prospekt Lenina 56

0.13 MILES

This lovely old house marks the start of a street that's home to a number of attractive wooden buildings.

2. Tomsk Regional Museum

0.26 MILES

Housed in the splendid Atashev Palace, this modest museum has a 2500-year-old bear amulet and an interesting exhibit on the Great Tea Trail. But it's the…

3. Memorial Museum

0.27 MILES

The gloomy basement of this former NKVD (proto-KGB) building is now a museum dedicated to the unspeakable horrors that took place here. Look out for the…

4. Tomsk Art Museum

0.29 MILES

Well worth popping into for its wide range of permanent and temporary exhibits. The highlight is the collection of 19th- and early 20th-century Russian…

5. Chekhov Statue

0.49 MILES

On the riverbank, this cheeky Chekhov statue was sculpted in bronze for the 400th anniversary of the city’s founding. Rubbing its well-polished nose is…

6. Ploshchad Lenina

0.55 MILES

Central pl Lenina isn’t really a square so much as a jumbled collection of beautifully restored historic buildings interspersed with banal Soviet concrete…

8. Iverskaya Chapel

0.66 MILES

Topped with a golden angel and right beside a Lenin statue, is the Iverskaya Chapel whose celebrated icon is dubbed ‘Tomsk’s Spiritual Gateway’.