Park Gagarina

Western Siberia

If you only have a couple of hours to kill, take a stroll though this oasis of green just north of the train station. It contains a bust of a jolly-looking Yury Gagarin, a mothballed planetarium and the constructivist (and now empty) Kommunar Theatre, which once housed Siberia’s first audio cinema. Just north of the theatre, two splendidly reverential statues of Soviet-era metalworkers guard pleasant Mettalurgists' Garden.

In the summer there's always plenty of life in the park with lots of cultural events, concerts and get-togethers taking place. Most of the city seems to come for an evening walk here at such times.

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2. Metallurgists’ Garden

0.15 MILES

This pleasant garden is guarded by two splendidly reverential statues of Soviet-era metalworkers.

3. Lenin & Gorky Statue

0.16 MILES

An apparently coal-caked Lenin and Maxim Gorky (founder of socialist realism) discuss – or plot? – something or other, next to the main post office at pr…

4. Statue of Vladimir Mayakovsky

0.61 MILES

Although the doomed writer never actually visited Novokuznetsk, he was so moved by the Soviet project to build a new city that he penned a poem starting…

5. Former Soviet Builders Club

0.73 MILES

Guarded by two statues of Soviet workers, wielding a hammer and a plasterer’s board, the one-time cement workers’ club is now used as a cultural centre.

6. Transfiguration Cathedral

2.69 MILES

Dating from 1792, this large and elegant cathedral sits below the fortress and is worth a peak for its impressive icons and frescos.

7. Kuznetsk Fortress


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