Metallurgists’ Garden

Western Siberia

This pleasant garden is guarded by two splendidly reverential statues of Soviet-era metalworkers.

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2. Lenin & Gorky Statue

0.14 MILES

An apparently coal-caked Lenin and Maxim Gorky (founder of socialist realism) discuss – or plot? – something or other, next to the main post office at pr…

3. Park Gagarina

0.15 MILES

If you only have a couple of hours to kill, take a stroll though this oasis of green just north of the train station. It contains a bust of a jolly…

4. Statue of Vladimir Mayakovsky

0.48 MILES

Although the doomed writer never actually visited Novokuznetsk, he was so moved by the Soviet project to build a new city that he penned a poem starting…

5. Former Soviet Builders Club

0.59 MILES

Guarded by two statues of Soviet workers, wielding a hammer and a plasterer’s board, the one-time cement workers’ club is now used as a cultural centre.

6. Transfiguration Cathedral

2.75 MILES

Dating from 1792, this large and elegant cathedral sits below the fortress and is worth a peak for its impressive icons and frescos.

7. Kuznetsk Fortress

2.93 MILES

The restored stone ramparts of the Kuznetsk Fortress are massive and topped with cannons, but represent only 20% of their 1810 extent. Kids ride ponies…