Taltsy Museum of Architecture & Ethnography

Lake Baikal

About 47km southeast of Irkutsk, 23km before Listvyanka, Taltsy Museum of Architecture & Ethnography is an impressive outdoor collection of old Siberian buildings set in a delightful riverside forest. Amid the renovated farmsteads are two chapels, a church, a watermill, some Evenki graves and the eye-catching 17th-century Iliminsk Ostrog watchtower. Listvyanka–Irkutsk buses and marshrutky stop on request at Taltsy’s entrance (look out for the roadside ‘Музей’ sign), and the ticket booth is a minute’s walk through the forest.

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1. Museum of Circum-Baikal Railway

14.23 MILES

Housed inside the nicely restored train station, this new and informative exhibition tells the story of Circumbaikal Railway. Toy-train buffs will be…

2. Chersky Rock

14.54 MILES

Listvyanka’s best viewpoint, overlooking the source of the Angara, is named after Jan Czerski, a 19th-century Polish gentleman explorer. It is best…

3. Baikal Museum

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One of only three museums in the world dedicated solely to a lake, this sometimes overly scientific institution examines the science of Baikal from all…

4. Retro Park

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This garden near the St Nicholas Church is full of wacky sculpture pieces fashioned from old Soviet-era cars and motorbikes. You can check out a few…

5. St Nicholas Church

16.24 MILES

Listvyanka’s small mid-19th-century timber church is dedicated to St Nicholas, who supposedly saved its merchant sponsor from a Baikal shipwreck.

6. Angara Dam

18.81 MILES

Some 6km southeast of the centre, the 1956 Angara Dam is 2km long. Its construction raised Lake Baikal by up to 1m and caused environmental problems, most…

7. Angara Icebreaker

18.97 MILES

Originally imported in kit form from Newcastle-upon-Tyne to carry Trans-Siberian Railway passengers across Lake Baikal (the trains went on her bigger…

8. Usadba Sukacheva


A small park on the edge of the historical centre contains a smattering of beautiful wood-lace buildings and arbours. These house exhibitions dedicated to…