Mammoth Museum


Despite its rather exciting-sounding name, this one-room museum is rather a let-down due to its total lack of signage in English. On the plus side, there is an almost complete mammoth skeleton on display, as a well as a model of 'Dima', the mummified mammoth calf discovered in the region.

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Nearby Yakutsk attractions

1. Archaeology & Ethnography Museum

These two separately run museums are in the same building; sadly, neither enjoys the luxury of signage in English. On the bottom three floors you'll find…

2. National Art Museum

1.01 MILES

If time is limited, don't miss this excellent museum, with Sakha-themed exhibits covering local craftmaking traditions (mammoth tusk carvings, reindeer…

3. Lenin Statue

1.06 MILES

Vlad Ilych still stands on Yakutsk's main square doing a particularly directional pose.

4. Transfiguration Church

1.06 MILES

This mid-19th-century church with gorgeous golden domes in Yakutsk's old town is the city's most attractive.

5. Treasury of the Sakha Republic


Pay a visit to this unique museum for a look at Yakutia's rich mineral wealth combined with fine craft traditions. You'll see exquisite carvings in…

6. Khomus Museum

1.11 MILES

Khomus (Jew’s harps) play a big part in Sakha culture. Concerts occur year-round, when performers imitate natural sounds such as a horse neighing. The…

7. Pyotr Beketov Monument

1.18 MILES

This rather brash gold-plated pillar in the old town honours Cossack explorer and founder of Yakutsk, Pyotr Beketov.

8. Yakutsk Regional History Museum

1.62 MILES

A good place to delve deeper into Sakha culture, the Regional History Museum contains local minerals, information on the region’s first Russian settlers…