Crimean War Monuments


This memorial and small chapel commemorates the lives lost in the Battle of Petropavlovsk, a little-remembered clash between the British, French and Russian forces during the Crimean War.

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Nearby Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky attractions

1. Nikolskaya Hill

0.09 MILES

Petropavlovsk's most charming spot for a walk, this thickly wooded hill is in the centre of the city between the harbour and the lake. There are numerous…

2. Alexander Nevsky Chapel

0.23 MILES

Originally built in 1857 to commemorate the victory over the British and the French in the Battle of Petropavlovsk, this wooden chapel was destroyed in…

3. Lenin Statue

0.24 MILES

As Lenin statues go (and there are still around 1800 in Russia still standing), this is an impressive one, with the revolutionary leader in a dramatic…

4. Beach

0.31 MILES

Yes, there are beaches in Kamchatka too, and this one has gorgeous views of the bay and the distant snow-covered mountains, though it's unlikely you'll…

5. Kamchatka Regional Museum

0.68 MILES

Housed in an attractive half-timbered building overlooking the bay, this museum features an imaginative mix of relics and murals that outline Kamchatka’s…

6. Vulkanarium

0.91 MILES

This new museum was just about to open during our last visit to Kamchatka, and a quick peek inside as they were putting up the display revealed an…

7. Mishennaya Hill

1.65 MILES

Looming over the downtown area is wooded Mt Mishennaya (382m), an easy ascent with excellent views of town and Avacha Bay.

8. Trinity Cathedral

1.92 MILES

Petropavlovsk's largest and most impressive church is this golden-domed stunner, which sits on an outcrop from where it is visible from all over the city…