Rublyov Museum of Early Russian Culture & Art

Meshchansky & Basmanny

On the grounds of Andronikov Monastery, the Rublyov Museum exhibits icons from days of yore and the present. Unfortunately, it does not include any work by its acclaimed namesake artist, though it is still worth visiting, not least for its romantic location. Andrei Rublyov, the master of icon painting, was a monk here in the 15th century. He is buried in the grounds, but no one knows quite where.

In the centre of the monastery grounds is the compact Saviour’s Cathedral, built in 1427, the oldest stone building in Moscow. The cluster of kokoshniki (gables of colourful tiles and brick patterns) is typical of Russian architecture from the era. To the left is the combined rectory and 17th-century Moscow-baroque Church of the Archangel Michael; to the right, the old monks’ quarters house the museum.