Visitors admiring the plants of Aptekarsky Ogorod.

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Aptekarsky Ogorod

Meshchansky & Basmanny

Moscow's lovely botanic garden was established in 1706. Originally owned by the Moscow general hospital to grow herbs and other medicinal plants, its name translates, unsurprisingly, as Pharmacy Garden. Visitors can wander along the trails, enjoy an exhibition of ornamental plants and explore three greenhouses containing plants from more southerly climes.

A glassy compound that separates the gardens from the street houses some of the city's best-loved cafe outlets, including Lavka Bratyev Karavayevykh, Lepim i Varim, Upside Down Cake & Co and Khachapuri. The latter comes with a garden-facing verandah, where you can linger over a meal or a bottle of wine. During weekends, Aptekarsky Ogorod becomes a venue for concerts, fashion shows and craft fairs.

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