The information pavilion dome in Zaryadye Park, Moscow, Russia.

© Tanya Keisha/Shutterstock

Park Zaryadye Pavilion


This glass-dome pavilion was the first element of Park Zaryadye to open to the public. A creation of Sergei Kuznetsov, the pavilion was designed as an 'observation deck' for the ongoing work on the park. Construction was not actually visible from the pavilion; rather, the central chamber is wallpapered in QR codes – a surprisingly appealing look – that contain maps, designs, photographs and other information about the new park. At the entrance, visitors receive tablets which they can use to decode the electronic exhibits.

Kuznetsov's design first appeared in 2012 at the Venice Biennale of Architecture, where it received high praise. Although it was originally meant to be a temporary structure, the current plan is to keep the pavilion in place as an information centre about the park. The QR-code decor will remain, but the subjects of the electronic exhibits may change. And eventually, this so-called observation deck will also offer an actual view of the park, not just a virtual one.

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