Gorki Leninskie Museum-Reserve


In Lenin’s later years, he and his family spent time at the Morozov manor house, set on lovely wooded grounds, 32km southeast of the capital. The estate now houses a Lenin museum and a re-creation of Lenin’s Kremlin office and apartment, as well as his vintage Rolls-Royce. The manor house, designed in the 1830s by Fyodor Shekhtel, contains the furnishings and artwork of the Morozov family, as the Lenins used it mostly for entertaining and ceremonial purposes.

Bus 439 (R62, 30 minutes) leaves every 90 minutes for the estate from the Domodedovskaya metro station in Moscow. From the bus stop, you have to walk about 1km through a residential neighbourhood to the museum grounds. By car, follow the M4 highway (Kashirskoe sh) to 11km beyond the MKAD ring road, then turn left to Gorki Leninskie. There is a cafe on the grounds.

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