Built in 1873 by Victor Gartman, the ornate Russian-style wooden studio is notable for the carved art nouveau detailing on the exterior. It contains an exhibit of Mikhail Vrubel's ceramic works, including an exquisite tile stove.

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1. Kitchen

0.02 MILES

Formerly the estate kitchen, this outpost now contains a small exhibit of folk art. Built in 1870, the building originally served as living quarters for…

2. Manor House

0.02 MILES

Several rooms of the manor house have been preserved intact, complete with artwork by various former resident artists. The main attraction is Mamontov’s…

3. Abramtsevo Estate Museum-Preserve

0.04 MILES

In 1870 Savva Mamontov – railway tycoon and patron of the arts – bought this lovely estate 45km north of Moscow. Here, he hosted a whole slew of artists,…

4. Bathhouse

0.05 MILES

Completed in 1878, this is a good example of old Russian architecture, with a wood-carved exterior and chequer-painted roof. When the Mamontovs lived on…

5. Saviour Church ‘Not Made by Hand’

0.15 MILES

The prettiest building in the grounds is Saviour Church ‘Not Made by Hand’ (Khram Spasa Nerukotvorny). The structure epitomises Mamontov’s intentions…

6. Toy Museum

7.87 MILES

The multiple changing exhibits feature toys from throughout Russian history and around the world; recent exhibits have included toys from the royal…

7. Trinity Monastery of St Sergius

8.18 MILES

In 1340 St Sergius of Radonezh founded this lavra (senior monastery), which soon became the spiritual centre of Russian Orthodoxy. St Sergius was credited…