Cucuteni Museum

Moldavia & the Bucovina Monasteries

This is by far the city's best museum, with three floors of well-done displays on the Cucutenians, a neolithic culture with advanced pottery skills that lived in the area from around 6000 BC to 3000 BC. The ground floor is given over to the stunning symmetry of Cucutenian vases and vessels, while the upper floors feature the frank sexuality of Cucutenian sculpture.

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1. Nativity of St John the Baptist Church

0.04 MILES

St John Church dates from 1498 and was originally part of Ștefan cel Mare's Princely Court complex. It has a lovely but sombre interior. Standing in front…

2. Art Museum

0.04 MILES

This museum exhibits Romanian classic and modern art, including landscapes and still lifes, plus abstract art, modern cityscapes, sculptures and…

3. Princely Court Exposition

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This exposition features the dank ruins of Ştefan cel Mare's 1497 Princely Court complex, which once encompassed all of the nearby buildings on the square…

4. Bal Shem Tov Synagogue

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Just north of the Princely Court, this simple wooden synagogue dating from 1766 was built over the foundations of a 1490 predecessor. The tiny interior is…

5. Natural History Museum


This rather dry museum exhibits local flora and fauna, with most of the commentary in the Romanian language.

6. Cozla Zoological Park

0.27 MILES

Northwest of the centre along Str Ştefan cel Mare, this petting zoo is situated on successive terraces running up Mt Cozla.

7. Museum of History and Archaeology

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This museum documents local history from the Stone Age through the Moldavian princes and more recent developments. The exhibits are comprehensive and well…