Statue of Decebal I


This horseback statue by renowned sculptor Ion Jalea was positioned outside Deva's House of Culture in 1978.

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Nearby Transylvania attractions

1. Museum of Dacian & Roman Civilization

0.58 MILES

Down by the park, at the foot of the fortress hill, this museum showcases fragments of the region's ancient history, including earthenware vessels, tools…

2. Deva Citadel

0.78 MILES

Deva's crumbling citadel looms from a rocky hilltop 300m above town. A steep climb leads up behind Parcul Cetăţii at the west end of B-dul 1 Decembrie…

3. Corvin Castle

8.96 MILES

Some castles perch on mountains, others skulk in mist-shrouded hills, but Hunedoara’s juts out from an industrial jungle. Despite being surrounded by…

4. Gold Museum

18.14 MILES

This museum recounts more than two millennia of gold-mining history through more than 2000 objects, including tools and intricate sculptures.

5. Sarmizegetusa Regia

25.49 MILES

The Sarmizegetusa Regia archaeological site is Romania’s Stonehenge. Only stones remain, enclosed by pretty woodlands, but they reveal compelling clues…