Roman Catholic Cathedral


This cathedral, 2km north of the centre, was built between 1752 and 1780 and is the largest baroque church in Romania. Organ concerts are occasionally held here.

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1. Canon's Corridor

0.04 MILES

Just east of the Roman Catholic cathedral, Canon's Corridor forms a series of 57 arches built between 1750 and 1875, part of the original baroque design…

2. Bishop's Palace

0.07 MILES

Southwest of the Roman Catholic cathedral, the opulent Bishop’s Palace (1770) contains 100 fresco-adorned rooms and 365 windows.

3. Moskovits Palace

0.71 MILES

Don't miss this Secession-style masterwork built by brothers József and László Vágó in 1905. It was being renovated at the time of research.

4. Darvas-La Roche House

0.88 MILES

This delightful Secession-style burgher house (1912) designed by brothers József and László Vágó, who also built Oradea's stunning Moskovits Palace, has…

5. Town Hall Tower

0.91 MILES

The 50m-high tower, which is now open to the public, counts four main levels, three of which have viewing platforms. A 10-lei entry fee includes admission…

6. Oradea Town Hall

0.93 MILES

This enormous neoclassical structure completed in 1903 has a 50m-tall tower that can be climbed for views of Oradea and surrounds.

8. Zion Neolog Synagogue

0.98 MILES

Of the reformist Conservative (as opposed to Orthodox) branch of Judaism and dating from 1878, this synagogue, with its graceful dome, is one of the most…