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Nature Discovery Guided Day Tour: Dolphins, Tortoises, Crocodiles and Wild South

Swimming with Wild Dolphins: Start your day with the experience of a lifetime swimming with wild dolphins in their natural environment! Once you board the boat, the skipper will brief you on the types of dolphins that you will encounter and their habits, and guidelines for a sustainable dolphin encounter. You will then head to Tamarin Bay for the dolphin encounter. The skippers will accompany you in the water when it’s your turn to swim with the dolphins. You will enjoy 2.5 hours on the open sea viewing the dolphins and swimming with them. Depending on the amount of time left, you will then go to The Aquarium, a popular snorkelling and diving site with beautiful coral and tropical fish. Macondé: Now it's time to discover one of the most photographed places of Mauritius: Macondé. This stop is perfect for photography-lovers! Macondé is a picturesque viewpoint is located in the south-west part of Mauritius, where the coastal road is built around a sharp curve along a a cliff, giving it its dramatic and breathtaking appeal. Tortoise and Crocodile Park: Next, you'll visit the nature reserve La Vanille Réserve des Mascareignes, where you will discover beautiful palm and banana trees, giant bamboos, impressive animals, including 2,000 Nile Crocodiles and 1,000 giant tortoises. You will also visit their insectarium which boasts one of the best private collections in the world with 23,000 species. The park contains a mix of flora and fauna native and non-native to Mauritius. There's so much to do at La Vanille that you could spend a whole day there! The Wild South: Admire the true beauty of Mauritius by visiting the wild south. Witness the rugged scenery of big, powerful waves crashing on the cliffs at Gris Gris and La Roche qui pleure, a natural rock formation that resembles a person crying when the waves hit it. This scenery is much different than the typical calm beaches that dot the island, and is unique in Mauritius.

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