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Occupying a small sliver of land wedged between Hwy 2 and the sea, Aguadilla is a ho-hum coastal city of surprising contradictions. Its world-class surf scene stands in vibrant contrast to its bland sprawl of Eisenhower-era tract housing and the nearby graying campus of a retired US Air Force base known as the Ramey Base.

It is a confusing place to navigate and the historic quarter has been largely abandoned in favor of generic out-of-town shopping malls along Hwy 2. Attractions in town are scant, although for practical considerations like the regional airport, shopping or car rental you may be obliged to stop by.

Surfers forge north to the unblemished beauty of beaches like Crash Boat, or continue to Isabela's beaches. Meanwhile, committed golfers beeline to the windy Punta Borinquen Golf Club, built for President Dwight Eisenhower. If neither activity appeals, bypass Aguadilla altogether for Rincón (south) or Isabela (just northeast).

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