Old Town

The Douro

The sleepy old quarter makes for a pleasant stroll in the early evening. Highlights include the Praça do Município, with its impressive granite pelourinho (stone pillory), and the elaborately carved portal of the Manueline-style parish church. Just east off the square is the tiny Capela de Santa Quitéria, once the town’s synagogue.

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1. Parque Arqueológico do Vale do Côa

1.29 MILES

Most visitors to Vila Nova de Foz Côa come for one reason: to see its world-famous gallery of rock art. Although the park is currently an active research…

2. Museu da Casa Grande

4.54 MILES

Archaeological finds from the Stone Age to the 18th century have been uncovered in the region around Freixo de Numão, 12km west of Vila Nova de Foz Côa. A…

3. Miradouro Sapinha


This roadside pullout on the N221 highway 3km north of Escalhão is one of the park's most accessible viewpoints, with sweeping views of vineyard- and…

4. Castelo de Marialva

12.71 MILES

From its striking hilltop position, Marialva's castle is visible from miles around. The 12th-century castelo is far from intact but it's still an…

5. Marialva

12.72 MILES

Overlooking the rugged valley of the Rio Côa, hilltop Marialva is dominated by its forbidding 12th-century castle. Below the fort's robust walls, the…

6. São Salvador do Mundo

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A series of small chapels dotting the hillside, São Salvador do Mundo makes for a stunning diversion between Pinhão and Foz Côa. Follow the signs to these…

7. Castelo de Penedono

14.91 MILES

Penedono's 14th-century castle, effectively an irregular hexagonal keep crowned by a fairytale crenellation, commands fine views over the Planalto. You…

8. Penedono

14.92 MILES

The main draw of this sleepy little village is Penedono's small but splendid castle. Towering over the main street in the upper village, this crenellated…