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The presence of nature is also a reminder that Zielona Góra (zhyeh-lo-na goo-rah) stands out as Poland’s only wine producer. It’s a tradition running all the way back to the 14th century, though the climate is less than ideal and viticulture was never a very profitable endeavour here. Though the output today is merely symbolic, the wine association is reflected in the city's attractions.

Like the majority of other towns in the region, Zielona Góra was founded by the Silesian Piasts. It was part of the Głogów Duchy, one of numerous regional principalities, before it passed to the Habsburgs in the 16th century and to Prussia two centuries later. Unlike many other Silesian towns, however, Zielona Góra came through WWII with minimal damage, so prewar architecture is well represented here.

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