Museum of Folk Architecture

Museum in Olsztynek

On the northeastern outskirts of Olsztynek, this skansen (open-air ethnographic museum) features about 40 examples of regional timber architecture from Warmia and Masuria, plus a cluster of Lithuanian houses. There’s a variety of peasant cottages complete with outbuildings, various windmills and a thatched-roof church. A number of buildings have been furnished and decorated inside in traditional period manner and the effect is impressive.

Above the skansen’s rustic restaurant is a small museum that is split in two; one half is filled with the usual collection of folk art and farming tools, while the other contains a detailed account (in Polish) of Stalag 1B Hohenstein, a POW camp located on the outskirts of the village during WWII. Some 650,000 captured soldiers passed through the camp, consisting mostly of French, Belgian, Italian and Russian nationals.