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Wolin National Park

Gdańsk & Pomerania

Best accessed from the resort of Międzyzdroje, Wolin National Park occupies the central section of Wolin Island. With a total area of about 50 sq km, it’s one of the smaller Polish parks, yet it’s picturesque enough to warrant a day or two’s walking.

The park’s northern edge drops sharply into the sea, forming an 11km-long sandy cliff nearly 100m high in places.

Back from the coast are a number of lakes, mostly on the remote eastern edge of the park. The most beautiful is the horseshoe-shaped Lake Czajcze. Away from the lake land, there’s Lake Turkusowe (Turquoise), named after the colour of its water, at the southern end of the park, and lovely Lake Gardno close to the seashore, next to the Międzyzdroje–Dziwnów road. The lakes are surrounded by mixed forest, with beech, oak and pine predominating. The flora and fauna is relatively diverse, with rich birdlife. The last wild bison in Pomerania were wiped out in the 14th century, but there’s a small bison reserve inside the park, 2km east of Międzyzdroje.

The best way to explore the park is by hiking, and the small area means a good walk needn’t be too taxing. Three marked trails wind into the park from Międzyzdroje. The red trail leads northeast along the shore, then turns inland to Wisełka and continues through wooded hills to the small village of Kołczewo. The green trail runs east across the middle of the park, skirts the lake and also ends in Kołczewo. The blue trail goes to the southern end of the park, passing Lake Turquoise on the way. It then continues east to the town of Wolin.

All the trails are well-marked and easy. Get a copy of the detailed Woliński Park Narodowy map (scale 1:30,000), and consult the park headquarters in Międzyzdroje for further information.

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