Laszczyk Manor House


The only 18th-century wooden mansion still standing in Kielce and considered one of the city's architectural treasures. Today it serves as the administrative office of the Open-Air Museum of the Kielce Village and hosts temporary exhibitions.

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1. Kielce Cathedral

0.08 MILES

Kielce's cathedral looks nothing like the Romanesque church first erected here in 1171; it was rebuilt in the 17th century and dressed in baroque…

2. Kraków Bishops' Palace


Kielce was the property of the Kraków bishops from the 12th century through to 1789. This palace was built (from 1637 onwards) as one of their seats and…

3. Museum of Toys & Play

0.27 MILES

This fun-filled museum offers the chance to reminisce about toys you forgot you wanted. The room full of frogs somehow makes sense when you’re there…

4. Museum for Intercultural Dialogue

0.31 MILES

This small, uplifting museum is dedicated to global efforts to promote peace and dialogue across cultural and ethnic groups. The museum also holds…

5. Henryk Sienkiewicz Monument

0.32 MILES

This monument to the Polish writer and Nobel Prize winner Henryk Sienkiewicz marks the eastern end of pedestrianised ul Sienkiewicza.

6. Jewish Pogrom Memorial

0.39 MILES

A plaque signed by former president Lech Wałęsa identifies the site of a post-WWII pogrom on 4 July 1946 committed by Poles against Jews who had survived…

7. Open-Air Museum of the Kielce Village

11.11 MILES

This 80-hectare open-air museum of traditional architecture is located in the village of Tokarnia, about 20km from Kielce. It’s a pleasant half-day outing…

8. Benedictine Monastery of Holy Cross

18.58 MILES

This hilltop monastery got its name from the segment of Jesus’ cross that was supposedly kept here. The abbey is at the top of Łysa Góra (595m). It has a…