Łowicz Museum

Mazovia & Podlasie

Museum housed in a 17th-century missionary college designed by Dutch architect Tylman van Gameren; its highlight is the former priests' chapel, with its fading baroque frescoes (1695) by Italian artist Michelangelo Palloni. The 1st floor features archaeological finds from the region such as Stone Age tools and mammoth tusks.

In the back garden are two old farmsteads from the region, complete with original furnishings, implements and decoration.

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1. Łowicz Cathedral

0.11 MILES

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2. Piarists' Church

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Near Łowicz's grand cathedral is this similarly impressive church. It's a baroque marvel when you can get access. If it's during a service, stay quietly…

3. Arkadia Park

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4. Nieborów Museum

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5. Chopin's Birthplace

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6. Radegast Station

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Radegast station on the north side of Łódź was the main deportation centre for Jews being sent to the extermination camps at Chełmno and Auschwitz…

7. Jewish Cemetery

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