Open-Air Museum of the Kielce Village

Museum in Kielce

This 80-hectare skansen (open-air museum of traditional architecture) is located in the village of Tokarnia, about 20km from Kielce. It’s a pleasant half-day outing, particularly for kids. Several minibuses from Kielce pass Tokarnia on their way to other destinations, as do five normal buses (4zł, 30 minutes) between 10.40am and 8.40pm on their way to destinations such as Jędrzejów. Get off at the village of Tokarnia and continue in the same direction on foot for around 1km to the entrance of the skansen.

Note that on Sundays, a special bus, marked 'T', runs to Tokarnia four times a day (3zł), departing from various bus stops around the centre. Check in with the Regional Tourist Information Centre for precise information on timetables and stops.