Malapascua Island

Enjoys striking views over the northern part of the island. Access is via a steep path (it's not signposted and you have to pass through someone's backyard). It's a five-minute walk up to the lighthouse from the southern edge of Guimbitayan village.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Malapascua Island attractions

1. Lookout

0.43 MILES

This 12m-high lookout, beyond the typhoon-destroyed Los Bambos resort on the island's northwestern tip, is used by some brave souls as a cliff jump.

2. Logon Beach

0.92 MILES

Stunning crescent-shaped Logon Beach on the southwestern side of the island is framed by a wooded promontory and has sheltered aquamarine water. It's…

3. Cemetery

1.09 MILES

This waterside cemetery has sun-bleached graves.

4. Bounty Beach

1.13 MILES

This glorious stretch of pale sand occupies almost the entire southern part of the island. It's lined with hotels, restaurants, dive shops and massage…

5. Virgin Island

23.25 MILES

About an hour's boat ride from Santa Fe in Bantayan, this tropical islet is a popular (perhaps too popular) day trip. The white-sand beach is gorgeous and…

6. Paradise Beach

26.32 MILES

Around 5km east of Santa Fe this sublime cove beach has white sand, shade umbrellas and excellent swimming, and the surrounding area is attractively…

7. Agta Beach

26.41 MILES

About 4km north of Almeria is Agta Beach, with Biliran's largest concentration of resorts, although it's a fairly mediocre stretch of sand and can fill up…

8. Bagongbong Falls

29.04 MILES

From barangay Upper Looc, 500m north of Almeria, a road takes you up to Caucab, where a sealed track gets you most of the way to pretty Bagongbong Falls.