Casiawan Falls

Eastern Visayas

A bit north of Cabucgayan, these falls can put on a good show depending on the amount of recent rainfall, and remain appealingly undeveloped. There's a large natural pool for swimming. They’re a 20-minute drive on a track off the south-coast road at Cabucgayan, and then another 10 minutes by foot.

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1. Kasabangan Falls

2.08 MILES

A few kilometres west of Cabucgayan is multitiered Kasabangan Falls, which like Tinago Falls have been fitted out with a sealed access road and bleachers,…

2. Tomalistis Falls


On the east coast, and reputed to have exceptionally sweet water, the Tomalistis Falls pour from a cliff face and are accessible only at low tide (or…

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4. Sampao Rice Terraces

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About 4km north of Naval is the turnoff to the Sampao rice terraces. They’re very photogenic with the peaks of Biliran as a backdrop.

5. Ulan-Ulan Falls

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6. Bagongbong Falls

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From barangay Upper Looc, 500m north of Almeria, a road takes you up to Caucab, where a sealed track gets you most of the way to pretty Bagongbong Falls.

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8. Sambawan Island

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