The Chocolate Hills, Bohol, Philippines

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Chocolate Hills Main Viewpoint


Views from this perch are indeed magnificent, surrounded by Bohol's famous chocolate hills. However it's highly commercialised, with kiosks selling kitschy souvenirs and an overdose of selfie-seekers. From the base of the viewpoint, motorcycles can whisk you up the hill (P40 one-way for two passengers) to a car park. From here it's a steep five-minute walk up to the viewpoint.

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1. Rice Museum

2.45 MILES

The friendly owners of this roadside place will explain about rice cultivation (humay) in Bohol. They have jars full of myriad rice varieties, and some…

2. San Pedro Church

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The imposing San Pedro Church (c 1602) in the centre of Loboc, the oldest in Bohol, was devastated by the 2013 earthquake when its Baroque facade and…

3. Philippine Tarsier Sanctuary

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In Canapnapan, a barangay of Corella, you can see saucer-eyed tarsiers in the wild at the Philippine Tarsier Sanctuary. Over 100 of these territorial…

4. Museum

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This dusty museum, set in a crumbling structure adjacent to the town's colonial church, contains a collection of poorly presented religious artefacts.

5. Baclayon Church & Watchtower

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Facing the Bohol Sea, this huge coral stone church (1727) was severely damaged in the 2013 earthquake. It's connected to an imposing watchtower. The…

6. Blood Compact Monument

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7. National Museum

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This small museum has a few anthropologically interesting items discovered around Bohol, including five artificially deformed skulls, a 500-year-old…

8. St Joseph the Worker Cathedral

23.96 MILES

In the heart of town, this elegant church was built in 1767, burned to the ground in 1798 and rebuilt and enlarged in 1855.