House of Dakay


Ivana is home to the Unesco-listed House of Dakay (1877), the oldest stone house in the Batanes.

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Nearby Batanes attractions

1. White Beach

3.35 MILES

A secluded cove that's safe for swimming, located just south of Mahatao.

2. Spring of Youth

3.76 MILES

A refreshing spring and pool that's a 20-minute walk from the fishing village of Diura.

3. PAGASA Weather Station

5.28 MILES

From Basco it’s a 1½-hour walk, a tough 30-minute bike ride or an easy tricycle jaunt up to Radar Tukon, a weather station on a hilltop with great 360…

4. Tukon Chapel

5.38 MILES

Tukon Chapel is an appealing stone church built by the Abad family for their daughter's wedding in 2008; it's a 1¼-hour uphill hike southeast of Basco.

5. Dipnaysupuan Tunnels

6.11 MILES

The Dipnaysupuan Tunnels were built deep into the rock face by the occupying Japanese during WWII using forced local labour; you can explore the tunnels…

6. Basco Lighthouse

6.33 MILES

Basco Lighthouse is 1.2km north of Basco. Climbing it will give you stellar views of the coast.

7. Valugan Boulder Beach

6.57 MILES

This sacred fishing port for Barangay San Joaquin is a beach made up of exercise-ball-sized boulders.

8. Vayang Rolling Hills


A road leads up to a trail where it's an easy five-minute walk to views over rocky beach and the endless, green Vayang Rolling Hills. If the weather is…