Amazon Basin

The community of Baltimore, just after Refugio Amazonas lodge, is the only real settlement on the river, and has a few simple hospedajes (homestays). Baltimore is accessible by taking a Laberinto-bound bus from Puerto Maldonado and getting off at Km 37. From there, a footpath goes to Baltimore (about three hours). No public transport exists to points further upriver.

You can also reach Baltimore by the snail-paced weekly public boat.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Amazon Basin attractions

1. Collpa Chuncho

9.34 MILES

One of the best clay licks in the Reserva Nacional Tambopata, where you can see the colorful cacophony of feeding macaws for which the Tambopata region is…

2. Reserva Nacional Tambopata

15.87 MILES

The wildlife-rich Río Tambopata is a major tributary of the Río Madre de Dios, joining it at Puerto Maldonado. Boats go up the river, past several good…

3. Mariposario Tambopata Butterfly Farm

23.01 MILES

Peru has the greatest number of butterfly species in the world (some 3700) and you can see many of them here at this well-run butterfly conservation…

4. Mirador de la Biodiversidad

24.76 MILES

Although this strangely cosmic blue building, surrounded by statues of locals in various poses of labor outside, was designed as a modern mirador (lookout…

5. Puente Guillermo Billinghurst

25.55 MILES

This bridge, since 2011 carrying the Carr Interocéanica across the Río Madre de Dios – connects Puerto Maldonado by paved road to the outside world for…

6. Río Madre de Dios Ferry Dock

25.58 MILES

This dock close to the Plaza de Armas is a cheap way of seeing a little of the action on a major Peruvian jungle river (the Río Madre de Dios), which is…

7. Hacienda Concepción Research Center

28.75 MILES

Formerly the ITA Aceer Tambopata Research Center, Inkaterra’s reconstructed lodge, 8km downriver from Puerto Maldonado, is an important research center of…