Museo de Arte Contemporaneo


The permanent collection at MAC is a quick study but visiting exhibits, such as a David LaChapelle retrospective, are major draws. There's also a good on-site cafe and a sculpture park (free access) with shady lawns that provide a good city respite for families. Guided tours available in English.

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Nearby Lima attractions

1. Lookout

0.54 MILES

A cliffside lookout set amidst walking and cycling paths, look overhead to see paragliders on clear days.

3. Puente de los Suspiros

0.87 MILES

A block west of the main plaza, look for this renovated, narrow wooden bridge over an old stone stairway that leads to the beach. Especially popular with…

4. Lookout

1.07 MILES

A cliffside lookout set amidst walking and cycling paths.

5. Parque del Amor

1.11 MILES

Protected from the ocean breeze by a colorful wall of mosaics, this park in Miraflores is the ideal place to walk hand in hand with that special someone…

6. Museo Mario Testino

1.16 MILES

Though quite small, this is a wonderful museum dedicated to the work of world-renowned photographer Mario Testino, a native of Peru and a barranquino. The…

7. Museo Pedro de Osma

1.21 MILES

Housed in a lovely beaux-arts mansion surrounded by gardens, this undervisited museum has an exquisite collection of colonial furniture, silverwork and…

8. Casa de Ricardo Palma

1.28 MILES

This house was the home of the Peruvian author Ricardo Palma from 1913 until his death in 1919. A listless tour is included in the price.