Casa de Ricardo Palma


This house was the home of the Peruvian author Ricardo Palma from 1913 until his death in 1919. A listless tour is included in the price.

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1. Choco Museo

0.42 MILES

On-site chocolate production is the draw of this ‘museum’ selling fondue and fair-trade hot cocoa. French-owned, it is well known for organic chocolate…

2. Huaca Pucllana

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Located near the Óvalo Gutiérrez, this huaca is a restored adobe ceremonial center from the Lima culture that dates back to AD 400. In 2010 an important…

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Protected from the ocean breeze by a colorful wall of mosaics, this park in Miraflores is the ideal place to walk hand in hand with that special someone…

5. Lookout

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A cliffside lookout set amidst walking and cycling paths.

6. Fundación Museo Amano

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The well-designed Fundación Museo Amano features a fine private collection of ceramics, with a strong representation of wares from the Chimú and Nazca…

7. Lookout


A cliffside lookout set amidst walking and cycling paths, look overhead to see paragliders on clear days.

8. Bosque El Olivar

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This tranquil park, a veritable oasis in the middle of San Isidro, consists of the remnants of an old olive grove, part of which was planted by the…