Nuevo sol (S)

Daily Costs

Budget: Less than S190

  • Inexpensive hotel room or dorm bed: S28–165
  • Set lunches: less than S15; supermarkets have takeout
  • Entry fee to historic sights: average S10

Midrange: S190–650

  • Double room in midrange hotel: S85–435
  • Main dish at midrange restaurant: S40
  • Group tours: from S120

Top End: More than S650

  • Double room in top-end hotel: from S250–435
  • Private city tour: from S200 per person
  • Fine restaurant dinner: from S60


Bargaining is the norm at street stalls and markets, where it’s cash only.


Because everything must be ‘imported,’ costs are higher than in other cities.


Several banks provide an ATM, including BCP, which has secure ATMs.


Changing Money

Several banks change traveler’s checks and give advances on credit cards, including BCP. For changing US cash quickly, street moneychangers are located on Próspero between Lores and Brasil. Most are OK, but exercise caution changing money on the street: it's best to do this in a bank. For the Peru/Brazil/Colombia tri-border, the border towns have money changers anyway. Transfer money at Western Union.