Cuzco has some lively nightlife offerings, ranging from the tame dinner show to late-night clubs. Bars are plentiful and cater to a spectrum of tastes. The European pubs are good places to track down those all-important soccer matches, with satellite TVs more or less permanently tuned to sports.

Feature: The Lucky Toad

Ever wondered what the locals do to relax instead of whiling away the hours over a game of darts or pool in the local bar? Well, next time you’re in a picantería (local restaurant) or quinta (house serving typical Andean food), look out for a strange metal sapo (frog or toad) mounted on a large box and surrounded by various holes and slots. Men will often spend the whole afternoon drinking chicha (fermented corn beer) and beer while competing at this old test of skill in which players toss metal disks as close to the toad as possible. Top points are scored for landing one smack in the mouth. Legend has it that the game originated with Inca royals, who used to toss gold coins into Lake Titicaca in the hopes of attracting a sapo, believed to possess magical healing powers and have the ability to grant wishes.