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Coclé is known to Panamanians as the land of salt, sugar and presidents. More salt has been reclaimed from the sea, more sugar refined and more Panamanian presidents have been born here than in any other province. These facts are the source of great civic pride, but Coclé offers a lot more than table condiments and political legacies.Coclé counts a wide variety of landscapes, from all-but-abandoned coastline to... Read More

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$450 Outdoor Activities

Inshore Fishing Day Trip in Veraguas

Traditionally, fishermen have used different methods and techniques of fishing, in still water and in the river and the sea. The most widespread form, the waiting, in which natural baits are used, was joined by fishing techniques using with artificial bait. This is known as spinning, trolling, jigging and fly cast, more commonly known as "fly fishing."During this tour, you will have access to a boat  with a sport fishing captain and and full fishing equipment. Enjoy a day fishing and relaxing in the beautiful waters of Veraguas. 

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One Day Offshore Fishing Trip in Santiago

In the coasts of Mariato, Cébaco and all surroundings of Coiba National Park, lovers and amateurs of this sport have a long coastline with an abundance of marine fauna every month of the year. Here, fishing becomes an exceptional sport because the species that can be caught are exotic and coveted. In those waters, you can test your strength and skill fishing dorado, tuna, mackerel, wahoo and roosterfish among other varieties of fish that live there. Moreover, the place seeks to respond to the taste of every visitor proposing activities for the experienced one who like traditional fishing for larger species or for the enthusiastic beginner who likes to experience different emotions.

$70 Water Sports

Whitewater Rafting Class III on the Chiriqui Viejo River, Panama

Enjoy a whitewater rafting day of adventure after meeting at the office at 8:30am to get properly prepared and briefed. Despite whether it is raining anywhere else in the country, the year-round sunny skies and lower elevation on the Chiriqui Viejo River allows you to maximize your sun time during your vacation. The comfortable air-conditioned transport vehicle will take you to the river where the guides will be waiting to suit you up in a life jacket, water shoes, helmet, and a paddle. The brief safety demonstration will highlight proper paddling techniques, review guide commands such as "forward" "back" and "stop," and give tips of how best to stay in the raft. Wet suits are not needed for this tropical warm water river run.  The journey through the jungle will start with some excellent high-volume first rapids to get the heart racing. The expert local guides' experience and steering techniques, as well as their sense of humor, will add to the excitement of the ride. Be prepared to see interesting wildlife such as squirrel monkeys, herons, kingfishers, and egrets around every bend of the river, as well as enjoy passing by local countryside farms with cattle, horses, farmers and cowboys.The day will pause around noon for a buffet lunch riverside when the guides will cut up fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as provide assemble-your-own sandwiches with the best local ingredients. All personal dietary restrictions can be easily accommodated. Once the fresh food has settled and break time is finished, you will load back into the rafts to continue the day's excitement. At approximately 2pm, after around 8.5 miles (14 km) the trip will finish up at the take-out with beers and sodas to celebrate with the guides. Take a group or raft team photo with your raft guide to take the memories home. Your vehicle will be waiting to return you to Boquete around 3:30pm. Don't forget to look up your free photos after the trip.

$80.25 Cruises, Sailing & Water Tours

Whale Watching and Island Tour in the Gulf of Chiriqui

With your professional guide, begin your day around 7am, from the mountain town of Boquete, you will drive 1.5 hours, in a comfortable air-conditioned vehicle, to Boca Chica, a small fishing village on the Pacific Coast. After getting into the boat, you will pass through the mangrove forested volcanic islands of the Chiriqui lagoon and harbor toward the Gulf of Chiriqui National Marine Park, a 14,740 hectare marine park with around 25 uninhabited islands and serves as a refuge for howler monkeys, leatherback and hawksbill turtles, tiger herons, and exotic fish. This area is also a haven for Humpback Whales during the months of July to October. You will spend some extra time in the boat looking for these majestic creatures as they nurse their young. Glimpses of newborn calves, as well as breaching males is very common to see. If you haven't had a chance to get up close and personal with a Humpback Whale, this is your best chance. You can also catch a glimpse of iguanas and sea birds such as magnificent frigatebirds, pelicans, cormorants, and hawks. The sun tends to shine over the white sand, palm-lined beaches in the Gulf of Chiriqui even when it’s raining everywhere else! Depending on visibility and climate, you will snorkel at your own leisure around one of the beautiful islands and pass the late morning and better part of the afternoon lunching, exploring, swimming, relaxing in a hammock, and playing on the white sand beaches of Isla Gamez or Isla Bolaños. Views from the beach can often provide more Humpback Whales breaching just on the horizon. Lunch is a healthy smorgasbord of fresh fruit and vegetables, assemble-your-own sandwiches, chips and salsa, cookies and crackers, and fresh coconut from the island. Drinks are also included with options varying between rum and pineapple cocktails, rum and cokes, national beer, or white wine, as well as sodas, juice, iced tea, and fresh ice water. After lunch, feel free to take a short hike to another uninhabited and pristine beach where you will hardly find another person. After a few more hours enjoying the sun, sand, and sea, you will return on the boat ride through the national park, and return to Boquete.