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Coclé Province

Coclé is known to Panamanians as the land of salt, sugar and presidents. More salt has been reclaimed from the sea, more sugar refined and more Panamanian presidents born here than in any other province. These facts are the source of great civic pride, but Coclé offers a lot more than table condiments and political legacies.

Coclé boasts a wide variety of landscapes, from all-but-abandoned coastline to towering cloud forests, with vast agricultural land in between. With its southern side stretching along the Pacific Ocean for upwards of 62mi (100km), the province claims some of the country’s most beautiful beaches, which are a magnet at the weekend for day-trippers from nearby Panama City.

Up in the highlands, the magnificently situated mountain town of El Valle is another popular retreat. And shoppers take note: the sprawling provincial capital of Penonomé is the best place to pick up a “real” Panama hat.

Top attractions

These are our favorite local haunts, touristy spots, and hidden gems throughout Coclé Province.