Parque Nacional Soberanía

Park in Canal Zone

Image by Alfredo Maiquez Getty Images

This 195-sq-km national park is one of the most accessible tropical rainforests in Panama. It extends much of the way across the isthmus, from Limón on Lago Gatún to just north of Paraíso. It features hiking trails, the Río Chagres, part of Lago Gatún and a remarkable variety of wildlife. Leaflets and information about the park, including a brochure for self-guided walks along the nature trail, are available from park headquarters near Gamboa.

Known residents include 125 mammal species, 402 bird species, 55 amphibian species, 79 reptile species and 34 freshwater fish species. Hiking trails in the park include a section of the old Camino de Cruces (Way of the Crosses) and the 17km-long Pipeline Rd, famous for its birdlife.