Ras Abu Ar Rasas

Masirah Island

With no sights to speak of, you may be wondering why anyone comes to Masirah, but stand on the headland at Ras Abu Ar Rasas and the reason becomes apparent. The ocean pounds the rocky shore on the angry eastern side of the island, while the shallow waters of the western coast are a beautiful limpid turquoise. It's magnificent in its wild beauty.

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1. Safa'iq Grave Site

20.47 MILES

Little is known about the history of Masirah island, except that it was once inhabited by Bahriya tribespeople, shipwrecked from Salalah. They were wiped…

2. Jebel Humr

29.37 MILES

Jebel Humr (274m) is the highest point of Masirah’s hilly backbone and a climb up this flat-topped mountain is recommended for the wonderful view of the…