Galleri Svalbard


Galleri Svalbard features the Svalbard-themed works of renowned Norwegian artist Kåre Tveter (1922–2012), so pure and cold they make you shiver, as well as works by other artists, such as Olav Storø ( It also has fascinating reproductions of antique maps of Svalbard, historical drawings with a Svalbard focus and temporary exhibitions. The gallery has a small cafe and an excellent shop.

Out the back and upstairs is the Kunstnersenteret, a collection of local art and craft outlets with items for sale.

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1. Kunstnersenteret

Attached to the Galleri Svalbard is the Kunstnersenteret, which serves as a workshop for local artists, with many of the works on sale.

2. Mine No 2

0.24 MILES

High on the steep valley wall south of the town centre, the crumbling, evocative ruins of Mine No 2 loom over the town.

3. Graveyard

0.66 MILES

Southwest of the town centre lies a haunting little graveyard with simple white, wooden crosses. It dates from the early 20th century and includes the…

4. Wooden Steps

1.04 MILES

Some 50m south of Svalbard Kirke stand five weathered wooden steps, all alone, and a sign, 'Sykhustrappa' (Hospital Stairs). This is all that remains of…

5. Svalbard Kirke

1.07 MILES

The wooden Svalbard Kirke was first built in the 1920s but later rebuilt after being destroyed in the German invasion of WWII. It's a largely modern…

6. Wild Photo Gallery

1.33 MILES

This gallery of stunning Svalbard photos by Ole Jørgen Liodden and Roy Mangersnes is small but filled with utterly unforgettable images. A book that…

7. Svalbard Museum

1.49 MILES

Museum is the wrong word for this impressive exhibition space. Themes on display include life on the edge formerly led by whalers, trappers, seal and…

8. North Pole Expedition Museum

1.55 MILES

This fascinating private museum houses a stunning collection of artefacts, original newspapers and other documents relating to the history of polar…