Baneheia & Ravnedalen


Baneheia and Ravnedalen, both north of the city centre, offer greenery and a network of lakeside hiking and skiing tracks for those keen to escape the city for a while. Both parks were created between 1870 and 1880 by Kristiansand's city chairman, General Oscar Wergeland. Over a total 30-year period, the planting of 150,000 coniferous trees transformed the area into a recreational green belt.

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2. Posebyen

0.96 MILES

The Kristiansand Posebyen takes in most of the 14 blocks at the northern end of the town's characteristic kvadraturen (square grid pattern of streets). It…

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5. Kristiansand Cathedral

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Built in 1884 in late Gothic style, the Kristiansand Cathedral, with seating for 1800 people, is Norway's third-largest church.

7. Kristiansand Kunsthall

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Shows change seasonally, but are usually high-concept, challenging surveys well worth a browse. It's a stunning space, with a rare elevated town outlook…