True, there can't be much competition outside Scandinavia. But the Senja Troll, 18m high and weighing in at 125,000kg, is the world's biggest troll, attested by the Guinness World Records. There's a tractor and railway carriage for kids to clamber on and a cafe with shelf upon shelf of warty, bucktoothed trolls (and some fine pewterwork on display for mum and dad to look at). You can even enter the bowels of the grinning giant and explore his intestines.

There's also a wall for kids to hang their pacifiers or dummies, as a sign that they're ready to move on in life.

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Nearby Senja attractions

1. Galleri Segla

11.35 MILES

Dedicated to the works of respected Tromsø artist and sculptor Knut Fjørtoft, this fine little gallery showcases his works combining printing with…

2. Turf Museum

28.45 MILES

This small turf museum is part of the historic Fargeklatten complex of restored buildings.

3. Fargeklatten Galleries

28.45 MILES

This complex of historical buildings now includes a couple of small galleries displaying the art and crafts of northern Norway, with visiting exhibitions…

4. Andenes Kirke

28.52 MILES

It only opens for a month, and even then just three days a week so take advantage if you happen to be in town. It's a typically austere northern Norwegian…

5. Hvalsenteret

28.65 MILES

The whale centre provides a perspective for whale-watchers, with displays on whale research, hunting and the life cycle of these gentle giants. Most…

6. Museum Nord

28.67 MILES

The quaint, Arctic- and polar-themed Museum Nord has displays on local hunting and fishing traditions. There's extensive coverage of the 38 winter hunting…

7. Andenes Fyr

28.69 MILES

The town's landmark red lighthouse, automated for many years, opened in 1859 and still shines on. To climb its 40m and 148 steps, arrange a guided tour…