Mt Fuji is one of Japan’s most incredible natural wonders, and soon travellers looking for an easy way to get from Tokyo to the country’s highest peak will be able to hop on board the Fuji Excursion.

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Tourists can take a train to Mt Fuji.

The new direct train will bring passengers to Mt Fuji without having to switch trains – a fact that may come as a relief for travellers worried about making connections. The Fuji Excursion will run from Shinjuku Station, one of Tokyo’s main transport hubs, to Kawaguchiko Station, which is near Mt Fuji. The journey will take just under two hours, according to Live Japan, and it will run twice on weekdays and three times on weekends.

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Chureito Pagoda with Sakura and beautiful Mt. Fuji.

The new service will launch on 16 March, just in time for spring travellers who head to the country to enjoy its famous cherry blossoms, which can be seen around the mountain. The new service is part of a number of changes that will come to Japan’s train system, including a number of new bullet train services that will speed up travel times. One of the changes will up the speed on a bullet train connecting Tokyo and Hokkaido, allowing passengers to arrive in just under four hours, according to The Mainichi.

Generally, travellers who want to see Mt Fuji can hop on one of the many buses that will take them there. But Japan is famous for its trains, which might be enough to convince travellers to try out the new offer. Find out more about how to get to and from Mt Fuji from Tokyo here.

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