Every day, Sylvia Michel and her fluffy White Swiss Shepherd Rasta go on a hike through the perfect hills and valleys of Switzerland, and they take their Instagram followers along for the ride. Since COVID19 has kept many people in self isolation, travel-lovers around the world have been living vicariously through Rasta the dog’s daily adventures.

lavendar rasta
Rasta the White Swiss Shepherd has amassed quite the following © @rastawhiteshepherd / Sylvia Michelle

“When I began to work as a self-employed photographer, I wanted to know more about my wonderful country. I didn’t know much, so I decide to travel around. I always said that I would like to have a dog when I have enough time. So, at the same time, Rasta came into my life. Then our adventures began and we explored Switzerland together. Instagram was just an idea to put our memories on a virtual place – I didn’t know so many people would like it,” Sylvia told Lonely Planet. But lots of people did indeed like it, and to date Rasta has clocked up 290,000 followers who delight in seeing him swimming in lakes, running through fields, posing in front of water falls and basking in the sun.

rasta the dog switzerland
Sylvia and Rasta love to explore the outdoors © @rastawhiteshepherd / Sylvia Michelle

Sylvia counts herself lucky that she is still able to explore the outdoors while being responsible. Being able to exercise and take in nature has been a help, and she said that it makes her happy to be able to inspire others. “Rasta and I did what we always do - we went outside, showed people that there is still a kind of normality, that the beauty of nature gives us strength. Rasta provided the entertainment - he does that with his unique way. We noticed that the people in quarantine are very much alive and cheered them up.”

rasta the dog sunset
The pair have been inspiring people online with their daily adventures © @rastawhiteshepherd / Sylvia Michelle

More information on Rasta and his adventures is available on Instagram, while Sylvia’s work is available on her official website.

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