Tourism is opening up once again in countries all over the world, with companies and travellers alike seeking ways to adapt to the changing situation while ensuring safe measures are also in place. Design company Nomadic Resorts recently unveiled their newest creation – Seedpods designed for sleeping and dining that allow travellers to escape from the city and offer a unique opportunity to sleep outdoors and reconnect with Mother Nature in a comfortable way. 

With the company’s first dining pods just installed at the Heritage Nature Reserve in Mauritius, plans are in place for more to be rolled out and used in different locations by different resorts in the future. The concept corresponds with social distancing regulations, and the Seedpod is made from easily cleaned, hygienic materials that can be quickly and easily disinfected compared to hotel rooms. 

“The psychological and economic impacts of the coronavirus and subsequent lockdown will be far-reaching: people will obviously re-evaluate their notions of personal space, work, family and hygiene; but they will also reconsider food security, travel, wellbeing and their relationship with nature. A new form of travel will arise,” Nomadic Resorts said.

The pods can hang from trees and bases © Peter Jackson

The pod can also resist wind speeds of 120km per hour, and can be installed in remote locations without the use of heavy machinery or power tools. The pod can be either hung from trees or erected on its own tripod and equipped with lighting, a ceiling fan, a cool box and a charging station for devices making it an ideal option for hiking trails, surf camps or silent safaris.

“The Seedpod has been developed as a low-impact, sustainable hospitality model to accommodate the rise of experiential travel, eco-tourism, wellness retreats and alternative lodging trends. The idea is that sleeping in the pod, is a transformative experience in its own right – a chance to spend a night in a human nest where you can see the movement of the wildlife around you and hear the sounds of the forest,’’ the company said.

More information is available at the official Nomadic Resorts website.

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