Travelers intending to visit Italy can determine if and how they can enter the country by completing an interactive questionnaire issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation.

Italian nationals returning to Italy and visitors from abroad can fill in the self-declaration form and answer questions to help navigate the country's travel restrictions. The form has been prepared for people traveling from/to Italy, and aims to provide users with general information on current rules related to COVID-19. The questionnaire is anonymous and it does not guarantee entry into the country, which remains subject to the assessment of Italian border officers.

The questionnaire asks potential visitors to select the state or territory from which they will enter Italy, then select all the states or territories they have been in or have passed through in the 14 days prior to departure. It also asks them if they are an EU citizen or from a Schengen country, and whether they are legally resident in Italy? Based on the responses, it lets them know if they can enter the country without restrictions or only under particular circumstances, such as proven work reasons, absolute urgency, health reasons and study. It also lets them know if must self-isolate or prove they recently tested negative for COVID-19.

It is advisable that people check the restrictions that apply to them as Italy has expanded its list of high-risk countries from which travelers must get tested for COVID-19. Those arriving into the country need to demonstrate that they have taken a test and received a negative result during the previous 72 hours, or they will have to take a test within 48 hours of arrival. The new rule applies to those who have come from, or stayed in Belgium, France, the Netherlands, the UK, Northern Ireland, the Czech Republic and Spain in the previous 14 days.

A gondola on Canal Grande in Venice on a summer day
Italian nationals and visitors from abroad can fill in an Italian self-declaration form © S-F/Shutterstock

The questionnaire also lets those resident in Italy establish what the rules are in the countries they want to visit. Further information on the form is available here.

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