Those flying Qatar Airways should be aware that passengers are now required to wear a face shield throughout their flight, in addition to a face mask or covering. The Qatar-based carrier has increased its health and safety measures onboard around COVID-19 by introducing complimentary personal protective equipment for customers and cabin crew.

The adult and children's face shields being given to Qatar passengers
The face shields come in two sizes for adults and children © Qatar Airways

Passengers traveling from Hamad International Airport will receive their face shields at the check-in counters, whereas at other destinations, they will be distributed at the boarding gates. The face shields will be available in two standard sizes – one for adults and the other for children. Once on board, passengers will also be given a complimentary protective kit in a pouch containing a single-use surgical face mask, large disposable powder-free gloves and alcohol-based hand sanitiser gel. Economy-class passengers are required to wear their face shield visor in addition to their face mask or covering throughout the flight, except when they are served their meals or drinks.

The personal protective equipment given to Qatar passengers
The pouch contains a face mask, disposable gloves and hand sanitizer gel © Qatar Airways

Business-class customers can wear their face shield and mask onboard at their own discretion, as their seats afford them more space and privacy. They will also be offered an additional 75ml sanitizer gel tube. Those in aircraft equipped with Qsuite have sliding partitions and fully closing doors, and these passengers have an option to display a ‘do not disturb’ indicator if they wish to limit their interactions with cabin crew. Business-class meals are served covered on a tray, and a cutlery wrap is offered to passengers as an alternative to individual cutlery service.

The ziploc pouch given to Qatar airways
Passengers are issued with a protective kit © Qatar Airways

During boarding and disembarkation, every passenger is required to wear their face mask or covering as well as the face shield. Children need to wear their PPE throughout the journey, although those under two years of age are not advised to wear face shields and face masks or coverings. Qatar has also introduced new disposable protective gowns for cabin crew that are fitted over their uniforms, in addition to safety glasses, gloves and a mask.

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