Stretched across the heel of Italy's boot, the region of Salento has long been a crossroads of the Mediterranean. The region's Greek past still echoes alongside a firmly Italian aesthetic – quite literally in the local Griko people, an ethnic minority who still speak a variant of ancient Greek.

A new hotel, Palazzo Daniele, has refashioned a 19th-century palazzo into a chic accommodation option that stands out as a unique alternative to the guesthouses that are common in the region. A minimalist design accentuates the original grandeur of the palazzo's mosaic flooring and frescoes, while contemporary art and updated amenities add a touch of modernity.

Guests can take onsite cooking classes from a local chef, refresh in a steam room and sauna, stroll the orange tree–lined garden or take a dip in the pool. Rooms start at €315 per night.

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