New wooden cabins for hikers in Norway have just opened in Luster, which is located in the western part of the country on a small plateau, overlooking the beautiful Jostedalen glacier.

The wooden Tungestølen hiking cabin in Norway
New hiking accommodation in the form of wooden cabins has just opened in Luster © Snøhetta

A top destination for lovers of the outdoors, Norway is dotted with hiking cabins operated by the Norwegian National Trekking Association. The cabins can be booked by trekkers as they explore the country's hiking trails. This new cabin collection, called Tungestølen, is made up of nine pentagonal- and oblique-shaped cabins with windows that offer panoramic views of the surrounding countryside. The main cabin has wooden tables for collective meals, and there's a lounge framed by a large stone-clad fireplace for relaxation. 

A dormitory at the wooden Tungestølen hiking cabin in Norway
Guests can sleep in dormitories © Snøhetta

Surrounded by a dramatic landscape with steep mountains on all sides, Tungestølen serves as a perfect starting point for hikers wishing to conquer local glaciers in guided groups. It is also suitable for families with small children who wish to take shorter and less advanced hikes in the surrounding area. The 2020 season will include several events, such as yoga weekends.

The dining room at the Tungestolen hiking cabin in Norway
The main cabin has wooden tables for collective meals © Snøhetta

The original Tungestølen cabin, which served glacier hikers for more than a century, was completely devastated on Christmas Day 2011 by the Dagmar cyclone that swept over Norway and neighboring countries. Luster Turlag - a local branch of the Norwegian National Trekking Association - and the small local village of Veitastrond joined together to collect funds for the rebuild.

The Tungestølen hiking cabin surrounded by glaciers
The new development overlooks the beautiful Jostedalen glacier © Snøhetta

Architectural firm, Snøhetta, won the competition to design the new wooden-frame building. At present, approximately 30 people can stay at Tungestølen, but when all nine cabins are completed in the next construction phase, there will be enough capacity to accommodate up to 50 visitors. The price for DNT members is Nkr1200/ US$126 or Nkr1500/US$158 for non-members.

Further information on booking Tungestølen can be found here.

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