The gift shop at New York City’s Metropolitan Museum of Art is already arguably one of the best in the world – this is no place for boring, ordinary knick knacks – but the museum has taken it up a notch with the launch of the limited edition Met 150 Edit, celebrating the 150th anniversary since its founding. 

Collaborating with big-name, design-focused brands including Allbirds, Estée Lauder, Kidrobot and BAGGU, the Met has introduced an incredible line of art-inspired gifts that might just be too cool to give away. The museum’s collection of more than 1.5 million objects spans 5000 years, and the companies were invited to the gallery to select their favorite works as a source of inspiration for new designs and ideas. The results are a beautiful capsule collection of fashion, accessories and home decor.

Allbirds released three new styles of its popular Tree Runner shoes, each absorbing the colors from paintings in The Met’s collection, including Vincent Van Gogh’s Olive Trees and Margareta Haverman’s A Vase of Flowers.

BAGGU created three striking reusable bag designs, drawing inspiration from 17th-century ceramic tiles from Iran, a famous unicorn tapestry from the Middle Ages and a dragon-covered silk brocade.

The Met, Bulova.jpg
Part of the Met 150 Edit collection Metropolitan Museum of New York © Metropolitan Museum of New York

The bold lines, geometric shapes and vibrant colors of Dutch painter Piet Mondrian and French artist Fernand Léger take on new forms through Estée Lauder’s lipstick shades and compact covers, as well as quirky figurines and “art toys” from Kidrobot.

A visit to The Met is not required, and the collection can be shopped online. The proceeds of each sale go straight to the museum, with some brands giving back even more. Stocks are limited, and some lines are expected to sell out soon.

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