Lonely Planet is excited to launch a new premium video streaming platform that features a stunning archive of shows from our archives.   The site will take travelers around the world, exploring destinations and experiences in over 350 episodes of award-winning travel shows from their very own couch.

The shows include 18 seasons of the classic travel TV series Globe Trekker, which brings viewers on a nostalgic tour of the world, crossing unique and off-the-beaten path destinations as diverse as China and as iconic as the Western USA.

Join celebrity hosts as they show you a world of inspiring cultures, amazing landscapes and mouthwatering cuisines. Take in a classic American road trip along Route 66 or sample wines in Chianti before exploring the Indian Himalayas.

Foodies will love Planet Food, which takes a bite out of every corner of Earth. Discover the surprising origins of Nashville hot chicken, or delve into the mix of influences that make Mexican food unique. Follow along and try your hand at making the dishes at home!

A Lonely Planet membership unlocks hours of travel content.

Watch now at tv.lonelyplanet.com.

This article was first published May 14, 2020 and updated May 17, 2020.

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