If you're looking for a bargain hotel stay and don't mind being the star of your own live "show," a hotel in Japan has an interesting offer that is likely to appeal to some and possibly horrify others.

An Asian woman in a bedroom givinbg the peace sign to the camera
You can stay at the One Dollar Hotel for a dollar © One Dollar Hotel 

You can stay at the One Dollar Hotel in Fukuoka for only ¥100 ($0.92) per night, but the catch is that your stay will be livestreamed to the world via YouTube. Officially known as the Asahi Ryokan, the One Dollar Hotel reserves Room 8 for the live streaming experience. It devised the idea as a way to use the room on weekdays that had low occupancy rates. as owner Tetsuya Inoue is hoping to make money from ad revenue from the site. When the room isn’t occupied, the camera will switch to streaming him working in the office instead.

For those considering staying in the room, there are a few guidelines. Guests are reminded not to allow their passport details and other documents to be seen. Happily, what goes on in the bathroom is not filmed and the stream doesn’t have audio so conversations are not broadcast. "Lewd" acts are banned and guests can change their clothes in an area next to the bathroom. You are also allowed to turn off the light, which probably won't be the most entertaining viewing for those tuning in.

If this kind of stay appeals to you, you can check out the hotel on its website here. If you fancy checking out the hotel's live stream and previous videos, check out its YouTube channel here.

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