With families currently on lockdown around the world, parents and children alike are seeking ways to keep themselves entertained and hopeful. With that in mind, LEGOLAND California has unveiled a free platform with expert-led videos and building challenges that take people through how to put together advanced models every single week.

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The platform is free for everyone to access © LewisTsePuiLung / Getty Images

Called the #LLCBuildingChallenge (LEGOLAND Building Challenge) the webpage is filled with instructional videos and activities that promote learning, creating and play. Through the resort’s website, children and families can find easy to follow step by step tutorials on how to build things like cute little LEGO dachshunds and LEGO cupcakes, as well as advanced shapes like spheres and stars. 

The website also has weekly maze challenges, colouring pages, trivia tests, silly stories and word searches. The park will announce a new theme with a “how to build” video every Wednesday, which is hosted by a Master Model Builder.

Lego Building Bricks and Blocks
Tutorials are led by Master Model Builders © Serts / Getty Images

On Fridays, LEGOLAND highlights builds posted by followers on the resort’s social media sites, and engages with families to ask for ideas on what the Master Model Builders should construct next. All activities on the site are free and available for anyone to access. The website celebrated Easter recently by sharing images of a mini egg rolling competition built at a scene with a miniature White House.

“Families in search of fun, educational activities for their kids to do during their time at home due to the coronavirus is the inspiration for #LLCBuildingChallenge. Having access to Master Model Builders to lead “how to” videos on building LEGO models makes this unique and fun…plus the LEGO models in the videos are not out of a set. The response has been extremely positive. as kids and families have enjoyed the videos, plus all the other activities featured on the site,” a representative of LEGOLAND California Resort told Lonely Planet. 

More information is available at the official LEGOLAND website.

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