Although it’s been over 20 years since the first book was published, the world is still well and truly enamoured with the magical universe of Harry Potter. Now, super fans can stay in accommodation meticulously modeled after one of the most cozy and intimate spaces in the franchise – the Gryffindor dormitory. 

Based in the North York Moors of the English countryside, North Shire is an attraction that specializes in bringing fantastical fictional spaces to life. The project recently launched The Groundkeeper’s Cottage, a getaway inspired by Hagrid’s Hut, and it also has The Shire House – a cottage based on Bilbo Baggins’ home from Lord of the Rings. The latest creation, The Dorm, comes complete with a cozy wood-burning stove, stained glass windows and flickering candles, and six single-sized four posted beds hidden behind red velvet drapes. There’s also a lounge area based on the iconic room from the books and films shared by Harry and his closest friends.

New Harry Potter Dorm
The accommodation includes a version of the Prefect's Bathroom © Charlotte Graham

The Dorm also reproduces features of the prefect's bathroom on the fifth floor of Hogwarts Castle, like the specially-commissioned backlit stained glass window portraying a blonde mermaid that became famous in the Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. There are also Gothic style mirrors, and golden hand basins in the shape of shells.

North Shire Groundkeeper's
The Groundkeeper's Cottage is modelled on Hagrid's Hut © Charlotte Graham

“We stayed positive during the darkness of lockdown and used the time to crack on with completing the next phase of our vision for creating a fantasy story-book themed holiday venue. Today when there’s so much fear around the pandemic, people are looking for ways they can step back from reality for a short time and be comforted in a world of make-believe, which is just what The Dorm aims to do along with our other accommodations,” owner Carol Cavendish told Lonely Planet.

The farm has put special measures in place to make sure that it sticks to COVID-19 guidelines, including self-check-in for guests, deep cleaning of the rooms in between stays, with each accommodation being a big enough distance apart to ensure social distancing is possible. The Dorm is available to rent for £50 per night per person, based on six people sharing. More information on The Dorm is available at the official North Shire website.

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